SciTrackS GmbH

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Products overview

Many behavioral research approaches involve tracking the movement of the body or parts of it, such as wings or legs. Our systems are highly configurable and can therefore be applied optimally in a large variety of experimental settings and applications. Our tracking solutions operate in real time and with short delays, opening up new opportunities for automated and high-thoughput experimental designs, as exemplified by the TrackFly setup. In standard experimental applications, the real time feature allows an immediate viewing of the tracking results. In the case that the requirements for a particular application are not already ideally met with the existing systems, we provide custom solutions tailored to the specific application at hand.

Advanced tracking technologies open up new possibilities for experimental design and behavioral research approaches. Meaningful behavioral experiments often require that an animal can exert its natural behavior under realistic, unconstrained conditions. Allowing an animal to move freely, however, poses new challenges for a precise quantification of its behavior, let alone for maintaining close control over the stimuli delivered to it. We have developed key technologies that provide precise measurement and stimulus control in freely moving animals. In freely moving animals, it is often useful to quantify the position of the body, and occasionally its orientation. Trackit 2D offers a powerful single camera solution to track animals that are walking or flying e.g. at a constant altitude (for an example in free-flying bees see Fry and Wehner, JEB). Trackit 3D allows the 3D flight paths to be measured by using a pair of cameras. In either case, the Trackit systems provide numerous features that provide detailed and robust measurements even under challenging conditions.

In fixated animals, it can useful to measure the force output or movement of appendages, such as wings or legs, for which we also offer custom solutions. The Wing Tracker provides real time 2D wing tracking with a temporal resolution of up to 3 kHz and a spatial resolution of about 1 degree.