SciTrackS GmbH

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Projects overview

Here we provide examples of research applications involving our products. The 2D ant tracking example shows how a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera allowed tracking a quite tiny animal over an extended area. As illustrated in the example of 2D bee tracking, a PTZ camera even works for a fast-flying insect. Following the bee with moving optics allowed extracting the body angle of the bee from the close-up image. In the example of 3D tracking a parasitoid fly (A Shot in the Dark), two PTZ cameras were used to track the position of a nocturnal fly under infra red (IR) lighting conditions. The current measured position of the fly was used to control the sound output of a pair of loud speakers mimicking singing crickets, the fly's host.

The TrackFly example illustrates the full potential of real-time device control. Here, a free-flying fruit fly was immersed in a Virtual Reality environment, allowing arbitrary visual stimulus conditions and a complete automation of the measurement procedure.

The final two examples illustrate applications making use of real-time high-speed videography. 1000Hz real time position tracking was achieved using a camera with a dynamic region-of-interest (ROI). Depending on experimental context, much higher frame rates are possible with this technology. Our wing tracker application, for example, reaches above 6000 frames per second image analysis in real time. Cutting edge? We think so.