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Wing tracker

We used high-speed, real time videography to measure a tethered flying fly's wing motion in real time. A sampling rate above 3kHz per wing allowed to measure about 15 positions of every wing stroke, which in a fruit fly last less than 5 milliseconds! An extended Kalman filter is employed to fit an a priori kinematic model to past wing position measurements, allowing the position of the next ROI to be predicted and providing a real-time readout of kinematic data with a spatial precision of 1°.

High speed vision



The hardware setup consists in a new high speed camera manufactured by Photonfocus AG and a fiber backlighting source.

High speed vision setup


The following figure shows a typical tracking sequence

High speed vision tracking sequence

The wing positions and extracted kinematic parameters are plotted as a function of time.

High speed vision tracking sequence


Details of the method are described in Graetzel CF, Fry, SN and Nelson BJ (2006).